The Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative

Conference Subcommittee

Our first conference

We are holding a one-day conference on the archives of aviation and aerospace, at Aerospace Bristol, February 2020. 

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Conference subcommittee meeting, TAG Farnborough, 28 May 2019

Present: Peter Davison, Howard Mason, Tony Pilmer, Tim Powell

1. Purpose of the conference 

1.1 The meeting discussed the aim of the conference. We see it as part of the wider AAAI initiative and a way of raising the profile of the initiative. In particular we are seeking to raise awareness of the importance of archives for telling the stories of UK aviation and aerospace and thereby enhancing the recognition and understanding of this aspect of Britain’s contribution to the world.

1.2 We hope to link to other AAAI projects: guidance on better curation of archives, linking the care and understanding of archives and artefacts, providing a structure and opportunities for networking, awareness raising and information for aviation and aerospace businesses

1.3 After discussion the following structure emerged based on a preliminary draft by T.Pi

Date: Wednesday 12 February 2020, date and terms to be confirmed with Aerospace Bristol

Action: H.M, T.Po

Numbers: 100

Costs: Aim at £10 per head

2. Programme and timings

10.30 - Registration

10.45 – House-keeping, welcome and introduction/scene-setting.

11.00 - Keynote – on the important contribution made by the aero archive sector.

12.00 - Main Case study 1 

12.45-1.45 – Lunch.

1.45-2.30 - Main Case study 2

2.30 - 3.45 - 5 x short case studies [could replace one talk with a comfort/short tea break], e.g.

3.45-4pm – Summing up, next stages for the AAAI and thank yous

 4-5pm – Tour of archives, chance to look at Museum

 3. Next steps

The subcommittee agreed the priority was to establish the date and formalise the terms and then publicise the date; to secure agreement of the keynote speaker and the presenters of the two main case studies.

4. Maintaining momentum.

In discussion P.D emphasised the need to maintain momentum before and after the conference.

4.1 It was agreed that in the run-up to the conference it would be helpful if the AAAI were able to issue short pieces of specific guidance. Ideas suggested included: digitisation best practice (perhaps using NCS standard now in draft); creating a unified list of authority/index terms; advice on handling archival items needing conservation. These could be referred to the guidance subcommittee meeting on 13 June for consideration.

4.2 It was agreed that following the conference the AAAI could consider ‘hands on’ workshops on subjects such as conservation of paper (with an emphasis on types of archives and records likely to be encountered in engineering archives), and challenges of photographs (physical care, data protection and copyright).

5. Wider AAAI liaison

We also discussed the mechanism for feeding in to the other subcommittees and the wider group, and highlighting actions that would pertinent for them to consider. It was agreed T.Po would circulate the draft notes of this meeting to the subcommittee members and following correction and clarification, circulate to the other subcommittees together with a ‘General Actions’ summary for wider consideration.

6. General Actions

a. The AAAI should have coordinators/rapporteurs for the three subcommittees

b. Notes of all subcommittee meetings should be circulated to other subcommittee members and, where more generally applicable to all AAAI interested parties (T.Po maintains a master list).

c. Along with the notes of meetings should be a list of specific actions/ideas relevant to the other subcommittees and the wider interest group.