The Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative

The Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative


Governing Document and Mission 

Concorde at Aerospace Bristol

Concorde at Aerospace Bristol


1. Name

The name of the group shall be the Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative (hereafter ‘the AAAI’ or ‘the Initiative’).

2. Mission

The Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative (AAAI) seeks to ensure that archives of aviation and aerospace in the United Kingdom are collected and preserved, made accessible, and their use facilitated.  To this end it aims to

•           Connect individuals and institutions with interests in aviation and aerospace archives, providing opportunities for mutual support and a forum for advice and knowledge sharing.

•           Offer sound and comprehensible guidance on the good curation of archives, records and related material, including ensuring their accessibility.

•           Disseminate intelligence about the nature, extent and location of relevant collections, including those at risk, through information gathering and surveying work.

•           Promote aviation and aerospace archives and heritage to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

To achieve these aims, we will work with individuals (both professionals and volunteers), organisations and networks within the aviation heritage, archives, academic and other sectors, and will seek opportunities to initiate and support appropriate events and projects.

3. Membership

Membership comprises anyone who subscribes to the Initiative’s public email list currently hosted on jiscmail and supports the Mission of the AAAI.

4.   Steering Group

The strategic direction and essential activities of the Initiative are the responsibility of the Steering Group.  This comprises members of organisations with an interest in aviation and aerospace heritage and archives.  Service on the Steering Group is by invitation of Initiative Co-ordinators (see below), having consulted the Steering Group. 

In order to ensure the Steering Group has access to key interests in this area, representation will always be sought from the organisations specified in Appendix A.

Membership shall not go above 24, although observers may be invited to meetings.

5. Working Groups

Working Groups or subcommittees may be established by the Steering Group in order to undertake activities to fulfil the AAAI Mission.  Non-members of the Steering Group may be invited to join working groups.

6. Co-ordinators

The co-ordination of the Steering Group and any working groups or subcommittees will be led by Co-ordinators, who shall be appointed by the Steering Group from among its members.  Appointments shall be approved annually.

The roles of Co-ordinators shall include but may not be limited to the following:

•           To convene, organise, chair and take minutes of general meetings.

•           To convene, organise, chair and take minutes of working group meetings.

•           To maintain a bank account and present financial statements.

For the period of the Networks for Change grant April 2022-March 2024, the posts of chair, secretary and treasurer will be created from among the co-ordinators, these post to be filled by election by the Steering Group.    

7. Meetings  

The Steering Group will come together at general meetings as necessary, and not less than once a year.

At the general meeting the Co-ordinators will report on the work of the AAAI and any working groups since the last meeting, present a financial statement (if a bank account has been opened) and invite comments and suggestions.

Any questions that arise at a meeting will be discussed openly and the meeting will seek to find general agreement.  If a wide consensus cannot be reached and a decision is necessary, a motion will be presented, a vote taken and a decision made by a simple majority of members present.  Should the vote be tied, the motion will have failed.

All Steering Group members will be given at least two weeks’ notice of a general meeting, giving the venue, date, time and agenda.

8. Finances

Co-ordinators of the AAAI may open and maintain an account on behalf of the AAAI at a bank or building society agreed by the Steering Committee. At least three cheque signatories will be nominated by the Steering Group.   The signatories must not be related, members of the same household or members of the same organisation. 

All payments will be authorised by at least two of the signatories.

Records of income and expenditure will be maintained and a financial statement given at each meeting.

All money raised by or on behalf of Initiative is only to be used to further the Mission of the AAAI.

9. Amendments to the Governing Document

Amendments to the Governing Document may only be made at a general meeting.  Any proposal to amend the constitution must be given in writing by a Steering Group member to the Co-ordinators. The proposal must then be circulated with the notice of the next general meeting.

Any proposal to amend the Governing Document will require a two thirds majority of the Steering Group.

10. Dissolution

If a general meeting, by a simple majority, decides that it is necessary to close down the AAAI, it may call a special general meeting to do so. The sole business of this meeting will be to consider and this proposal and, if agreed, dissolve the AAAI.

If it is agreed to dissolve the AAAI, all remaining money and other assets, once any outstanding debts have been paid, will be donated to an appropriate heritage organisation agreed at the meeting which confirms the dissolution.

v.2 June 2022

Appendix One

Bodies to be offered representation on the Steering Group of the Initiative

Air-Britain: Malcolm Fillmore, Steve Mitchell

Aviation Heritage UK: Peter Davison, Allan Winn

BAE Systems: Jonathan Harmer, Helen Jordan

British Airways Heritage Centre: to be nominated

The Business Archives Council: Alison Turton

The National Museum of the Royal Navy: Barbara Gilbert

The Military Aviation Heritage Network: Ken Delve

The National Archives: Tim Powell, Mike Rogers, Philippa Turner

The RAF Museum: Nina Hadaway, Gary Haines

The Royal Aeronautical Society: Tony Pilmer

The Science Museum Group: Jack Garside

At least one other relevant national engineering institutions: Lucy Bonner (IMechE), Anne Locker (IET)

At least two regional aviation-focused museums: Geoff Russell (Helicopter Museum), Chris Bartlett (Rochester Avionic Archives), Louise Clarke (Aerospace Bristol), Andrew Lewis (Brooklands Museum) 

Also on the Steering Group: Jeremy Graham (Leonardo company), 

Murray Eckett (Handley Page Association)


The term ‘representation’ does not necessarily mean official nomination by the body in question.

One person may represent more than one body and one body may have more than one person representing it.

Revision of this list does not constitute a change to the Governing Document.

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