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The Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative

Guidance for Custodians of Archival Resources

List of contents

The Guidance was prepared by Dr Mike Rogers of The National Archives, with the assistance of the other members of the AAAI Documentation Subcommittee (Malcolm Fillmore, Barry Guess and Andrew Lewis)

The guidance has been written primarily for the benefit of non-professional archivists who care for archival material relating to any aspect of aviation and aerospace: manufacturers, operators, heritage bodies, enthusiasts and researchers alike.  

It recognises that many collections are held in re-purposed premises, with little or no budget, relying on the passion of their custodians as much as resources. For that reason, this guidance is designed to be practical and pragmatic, rather than aiming for the ideal.

0.        Introduction

1.        Definitions

2.        Collecting and Accessioning

3.        Arrangement

4.        Cataloguing

5.        Storage

6.        Collections Care

7.        Access

8.        Legal issues

9.        Digitisation

10.     Sustainability

11.     Case Studies (forthcoming)

12.     Templates for key documents (forthcoming)

13.     Further reading and online resources